Sunday, 12 September 2010


Apologies for the lack of goings on. Things were going pretty rad, pretty fast; sold half the stock in over 4 weeks, and then was offered to sell even more stuff @ Ride the wave skateshop in scotland. As This is a very new, and small Brand, that would have been awesome for the cash flow situation; We have however been messed about by them for the last 5 weeks in terms of what is actually going on. At the same time, my own work has taken off and as funny as it seems, I cant really commit to both goings on at once; especially when both requires 110% all the time; its easy to get demotivated and such. T.E isnt dead; im going to regroup in a couple months time and see whats happening, but my photography and its establishment comes first.
The problem here is mainly some peoples lack of respect and courtesy in not only the skate community but generally within the creative industry; if youre having second thoughts on a deal, just say as opposed to wasting my time. For those up and coming entrepreneurs and such; take note- people WILL mess you about, and wasting time comes second to none, so prepare for it; whether its from illustrators, stockists, printers (although ive been lucky enough to have good printers and illustrators).
Ontop of this all, I've also parted ways with my initial illustrator Seb; on good terms, but due to style differences, so its a bit up in the air at the moment

Big thanks to Seb for helping it get off its feet



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