Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Monday, 29 March 2010


Logo is nearly done...(y). Meanwhile, came across these today...

Sunday, 28 March 2010

I Am Never Ending...

0:32 in...

Unbalance within the eternal existence
Across the planes of sightless vision
Evolves imagination
A dense hole containing the most solid of matter
Endless emptiness without a horizon
Reveals the vastness
Of the planes of time

And through my dreams
Combining the elements
Sealed by blood
Bound through eternity

Endless energies of the living
Summoned to be
I am the source of the magic's
I am never ending

Condemned to the everlasting
The spirit of this world is mine
Bestow my powers of the light

Harnessing of the energies brought fourth unto time
Condemned to my will

Lucid reality consciousness rendered unconscious
Into the physical form
Forever born into the dream
To suffer
For me

Submicroscopic evolution of substance
At the core the beginning is

I am the universe
I am the sacred key
I am the forced which binds thee eternal
I will forever be

Saturday, 27 March 2010

When you think about it; as we as westerners borrow elements from ethnic cultures everywhere; most notably in the form of modifications; hairstyles, tattooing, piercing, stretching and scarring, they at the same time are borrowing elements from us, and changing in a way that they feel they need to in order to be "modern", and thus, giving up their "primitive" ways. "We" compulsively bandwagon their culture, and at the same time glamorise our western culture.  There are many on either side that are appreciative of both polar cultures however, but westerners are the worst bandwagoners and the true meaning behind things are easily lost. We in effect are "killing" their culture; and replacing it with one we already collectively posses, which most are trying to rid.

"Everyone wants to look tribal. Me; I just want to look like a well traveled gentleman"...

Friday, 26 March 2010

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Nazca Lines...

was introduced to these beauties by a family friend. More info on them is here:

At this moment is time...

Third Eye is about a quater of the way up and running (y). Everything is pretty much ready to go; just awaiting logo and design work by Sebastian Chaloner. I trust his judgement with my themes, as he's a very talented guy; check out his blog for more info:
The "third eye" concept will hopefully be very prevalent in the logo idea; something traditional yet modern. As far as endorsements go, I have 3 people secured: Owen from No Second chance, Dan from Despite My Deepest Fear & Niall who rides bmx's in a crazy and uncouth manner. Cant wait to launch this thing...

T Hooper

Victorian revival/symbology revival tattooist, originally from the U.k, Thomas Hooper now works for New York Adorned in the U.S. See, any tattoo artist can drawn an all seeing eye, or a raven, or an acanthus ornament, but Hooper recreates it in its "original" context; with the heavy shading and emphasis on lines, aswell as giving it his own feel. His work is deeply B & w orientated, helping to generate an often sinister and transcendent feel in his work. He "brings to life" alot of the things I love about history, especially associated traditionally with  Europe & England; specifically to do with symbols, folklore, superstitions etc.

This guy is seriously reknowned, guest working at Frith street every now and then i believe; thats probably the only way anyone who hasnt booked with him like 20 years ago will get work :(. Propper pains me to think how long his waiting list is, but at the same time Im glad someone so talented is well known, and at the same time not selling out to some corporate bullshit; no names mentioned (chris garver).


Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Watford Lads

More BMX >>

Akin, Dominic, Jason and a few others reppin' Watford. Very talented pack down in watford, definitely keep an eye out for them in the future. Akin was recently sponsored by Superstar Bikes, so shout out to a very mad, yet talented guy.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Get Back to Work

"Dont go thinking that mankind is different from any other organism. Survival of the fittest; the weak are left behind. We surpass each generation before us in thought, skill, energy and prestige, leaving the chaff aside, and in the process welcoming the dawn of a stronger breed, bringing into fruition a new type of creative.
We thirst for victory, and only the strong will gain it; there is however, no compromise. No excuses, no second chances- Just victory. This however, is dedication's fruit. And the last time I checked, you cant run a race lying down.
So I say to you now, get back to work."