Saturday, 27 March 2010

When you think about it; as we as westerners borrow elements from ethnic cultures everywhere; most notably in the form of modifications; hairstyles, tattooing, piercing, stretching and scarring, they at the same time are borrowing elements from us, and changing in a way that they feel they need to in order to be "modern", and thus, giving up their "primitive" ways. "We" compulsively bandwagon their culture, and at the same time glamorise our western culture.  There are many on either side that are appreciative of both polar cultures however, but westerners are the worst bandwagoners and the true meaning behind things are easily lost. We in effect are "killing" their culture; and replacing it with one we already collectively posses, which most are trying to rid.

"Everyone wants to look tribal. Me; I just want to look like a well traveled gentleman"...

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