Thursday, 25 March 2010

T Hooper

Victorian revival/symbology revival tattooist, originally from the U.k, Thomas Hooper now works for New York Adorned in the U.S. See, any tattoo artist can drawn an all seeing eye, or a raven, or an acanthus ornament, but Hooper recreates it in its "original" context; with the heavy shading and emphasis on lines, aswell as giving it his own feel. His work is deeply B & w orientated, helping to generate an often sinister and transcendent feel in his work. He "brings to life" alot of the things I love about history, especially associated traditionally with  Europe & England; specifically to do with symbols, folklore, superstitions etc.

This guy is seriously reknowned, guest working at Frith street every now and then i believe; thats probably the only way anyone who hasnt booked with him like 20 years ago will get work :(. Propper pains me to think how long his waiting list is, but at the same time Im glad someone so talented is well known, and at the same time not selling out to some corporate bullshit; no names mentioned (chris garver).


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